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Zena Lyth
Zena DeZigns

Making Your Vision a Reality

As a former Adoption Social Worker and Private School Administrator, styling and decorating spaces has been an outlet and source of joy for me since college. Helping people in fields of service was where my heart was for as long as I can remember and I have no doubt it will always be a part of who I am. Helping and serving is in my nature but I also love to create beautiful spaces and DIY projects are always on my mind. Throughout my careers in adoption and education, I was always looking forward to the next decor project, the next transformation, the next design idea. I have transformed numerous home and business spaces throughout the years and am incredibly excited to be able to turn this passion into more than just a hobby. This isn’t a job for me, but a style of life that has come together as a business. Through God's grace, this door has been opened to me and I look forward to this new chapter. A chapter where I have been given the opportunity to combine the things I love most...helping people achieve their goals and using my visions and ideas to create organized, purposeful and beautiful spaces.

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